I try to ship orders no later than the next business day after they are placed, meaning packages with postage are put in the mailbox for pickup.  For shipping purposes, a “day” ends when I finish packing the orders that have come in and walk away from the computer that prints the mailing labels.  This usually happens in the evening.  I’m a night owl and usually am up fairly late, and it’s not unheard of for me to pack orders after midnight. In which case, orders placed after midnight but before I get around to packing, technically, may go out the same day they were placed.

BUT – this also means that whenever I finish packing, even if for some reason it’s fairly early in an evening, any orders that come in thereafter will get packed the NEXT evening.  In which case, technically, those order will ship the second day after they were placed.

That’s just the way it is when you only have one old guy in the shipping department.

In case you’re wondering, when you pay for an item it is removed from inventory, so it can’t be sold to anybody else.  It’s just waiting to get packaged and then put in the mailbox for pickup.