COSMETICS: The molds used make nice adapters, but there can be imperfections, which are purely cosmetic. Basically, anything that you can feel when you’re gripping the gun normally with the adapter attached will be smooth, but if you look closely you may occasionally be able to see and feel flaws on edges that you don’t ever touch in regular use. (If it helps, think of them as evidence that each adapter is individually made by hand – yours will be unique.)

These adapters are offered as utilitarian devices for folks who want to improve the grip on a working gun. Please order and use one in that spirit.

Ivory:  While black adapters are created using black pigment only for color, the ivory ones are created using two pigments, one of which requires only a fraction of a drop per batch.  There is no way to maintain a perfect ratio of pigments from one batch to the next, so every batch of ivory adapters can be just slightly different.  Like real ivory.  Unless you have two ivory adapters from different batches side by side you won’t see any difference, and even if you can see multiples at once there may not be enough difference for you to tell.  In any event, its yet another indication that these are individually made by hand.

Irregulars:  Occasionally, adapters don’t come out of a mold quite right.  If they are too “not right” they get discarded.  But sometimes they’re perfectly functional but just “not quite right.”  When this happens, they’re offered as “Irregular” at a slightly lower price.  They may have coloring flaws, as the ones shown on the Order page illustrate.  Or they may be the right color but have surface imperfections somewhere other than where your fingers engage the adapter in normal use.  Quality and utility are the same, it’s just the looks that are a little off.

Chemical Resistance: I have discovered that while the base material for these adapters seems to be resistant to being wiped by nasty chemicals like acetone and lacquer thinner, extended exposure (2 minute soak) seems to soften the surface a bit, to the point where a fingernail will leave a scratch. I always had a warning about these strong chemicals when I offered painted adapters to testers (they’ll take the paint off pretty much instantly) but now think it will be best to avoid these chemicals in all cases.