Please place all orders through this web site.  It will calculate the correct postage (which changes from time to time.)  And it gives me a record in my email archive of the order details.

PayPal is now the only way to make payment for orders.  I don’t like their corporate anti-gun attitude, and you probably don’t either, but they’re the de facto way for (very) small sellers to take credit cards.

Please do NOT mail a check or money order to the PO Box address used for returns, as I no longer process payments made other than through PayPal.  I will void and shred orders and payments mailed to that PO Box – if you mail a personal check you will eventually realize that it’s not going to be cashed and can put it back in your account, but if you send a money order or third party check you’ll lose it.

Sorry, but I want all orders to come though this web site, which produces a consistent email record that is saved in archives.  And I want all payments to come through PayPal, which provides a single, consolidated statement every month that I use for accounting and tax purposes.