You can get a refund of the purchase price, but not the postage, for any adapter returned in unmodified condition within a reasonable time after purchase

If you want to return an adapter, please mail it to

BK Grips

P O Box  440022

St. Louis, MO  63144-0422

Please send an email to when you have actually mailed the adapter.  We only check the PO box about once a month, but will start checking every day if something is known to be on the way.

Please note that this address is FOR RETURNS ONLY.  Do NOT mail an order to this address.  See the Payment tab for an explanation why an order received at this address will not be processed, and any payment received will be shredded, not returned.  (You can void a personal check and put it back in your account, but if you send a cashier’s check or money order you’ll lose it.)