FITTING IN GENERAL: Remember that these devices are designed to be used with traditional service or Magna grip panels which leave the front strap exposed. They do NOT work with grips that fill in or cover any of the metal behind the trigger guard or on the front of the grip frame.

The adapters for S&W models work equally well on round and square butt frames.

The 2-clip design means that, initially, the adapter may not seem to fit as straight on the grip frame as the older single clip models. This can happen because of imperfect alignment between the two clips. (Sorry about that.) For the best fit, as you tighten the grip screw, be sure to hold the adapter tightly against the wood grips and against the curve of the frame above and behind the trigger guard. When the grips are tightened down on all of the clips, this will insure that the adapter is locked solidly in place against the metal and wood, where it’s supposed to be.

FITTING FOR S&W J FRAMES: There was an early report of poor fitting on an M&P 340 Scandium frame model, but I have not had subsequent reports of problems. You can check this thread for the discussion that went on during initial development of these adapters, and for photos of the fit on various J frame guns:

FITTING FOR S&W K, L and N FRAMES: The larger S&W adapter was made for square butt K frames. The prototypers found that it also fit round butt K frames, and both square and round butt N frames. L frame guns use K frame grips, so they should be taken care of as well. (X frame shooters – well, I assume you’re not using Magna grips, so these are not for you.) You can check this thread for for the discussion that accompanied the initial testing of the K frame adapters on various guns, and for photos of the fit on various K and N frame guns:

Two customers have fitted the K adapter to a Model 12, the lightweight K frame model whose frontstrap is 2mm narrower than “regular” K frames.  Both report that the adapter fits just fine.

FITTING FOR COLT D FRAMES: The D adapters are tested for fit on a Detective Special with the long grip frame – where the frame is visible all the way around the grip panels. They have also been checked and fit properly on a Detective Special with the short grip frame – the lower clip engages the frame, and does not interfere with the segments of the grip panels that wrap under the bottom of the frame. Please note that the D adapters DO NOT FIT on Detective Special or other Colt models built on the Police Positive frame.  See the Fitting Pix tab for the difference between the Police Positive and Police Positive Special frames.

Customers have reported (with photos) that they also fit properly on the Cobra (alloy frame Detective Special) and Agent (Cobra with a shortened grip frame), as well as on the new stainless steel King Cobra  They have not been checked on other D frame Colts, but there is no reason to think they will not fit properly on those guns as well.

Customers advised that the D adapters also fit properly on an E frame Officer’s Model and on the large frame New Service model, as well as on the new Python.  The grip frame size and curvature on these guns is the same as the D frame, so the D adapter snuggles into place properly.  But it is not as wide as the larger Tyler model which is made for these larger frames, and so the top of the adapter does not overhang the sides of the frame the way a larger adapter would.   See the Fitting Pix tab for photos.

Also, be aware that there were early, smaller Police Positive and Banker’s Special frames which are sometimes referred to as “D” frames but which are NOT the same size as the later, larger Police Positive Special/Detective Special frame, and the D adapters do NOT fit properly on these earlier, smaller frames.  For example, if the barrel is marked “Police Positive 38 Special” but not “Police Positive Special 38 Special,” the D adapter will NOT fit.  (I know – I get a headache too whenever I have to wade into this particular pool.)  See the Fitting Pix tab for a photo showing the difference between the two frames.

FITTING FOR RUGERS:  One customer has advised that a K adapter fits well on his Ruger Redhawk.  Two customers have reported that a D adapter fits well on their Ruger Security/Service Six.  I have no Ruger double actions and so cannot guarantee these fits, but the photos provided by the customers look pretty “normal.”  Be aware that a Ruger double action grip frame is wider than Colt and S&W frames, so the copper clips on the adapter have to be spread a bit to fit over it.

One customer has advised that a D adapter fits well on a Ruger Blackhawk – his is a 44 Special, but I believe all the Blackhawk grip frames are the same – and  the photos he sent confirm it.  I have the impression that Vaquero grip frames may be different, at least some of them may be, but have no specific information.  Ruger single action grip frames are also quite a bit wider than the Colt and S&W frames, so be aware that the copper clips would have to be spread to fit.

FITTING OTHER MODELS: One customer reports that the K adapter (I think it was) fits at least OK on an old H&R 38 Hammerless model.  Another customer reports that the K adapter fits properly on a pre model 82 Taurus, sometimes known as The Falcon. And there is a post on a Taurus forum reporting that the K adapter fits fine on a Taurus 80.  Separate customers have reported that a K adapter fits perfectly on a Cimarron Schofield and a Uberti Schofield, both in matching the curve of the grip frame and the width of the copper clip spacing.  And another customer reports that a K adapter fits properly on his Sauer & Sohn Medallion (which appears to be a S&W Model 10 clone.)

Customers have reported that the J adapter fits properly on Taurus models 85, 605, 856 and 905. Other customers have reported that a J adapter fits the Rossi M68 and M88 models. The J adapter is supposed to fit properly on many Charter revolvers, and customers have reported success with the Undercover, Off Duty and Bulldog models. But I can’t guarantee that a J adapter fits on all Charter revolvers, and I don’t have a specific list of compatible models to offer.

One customer reports the K adapter can be made to fit a USFA Bisley and a Beretta Bisley, but it takes some filing to get everything snugged up well to the frame and grip surfaces.  He also advised that the Beretta grips fit nearly perfectly on a Colt Bisley, so presumably a K adapter could be made to fit a Colt as well.