Almost everybody uses PayPal to make payment for orders.  I don’t like their corporate anti-gun attitude, and you probably don’t  either, but they’re the de facto way for (very) small sellers to take credit cards.

You can, of course, mail in a check or money order to:

BK Grips
PO Box 440022
St. Louis, MO  63144
BUT BE ADVISED – mailed payments are so uncommon that I only check the PO Box every 3 to 4 weeks.  Even then, it’s usually empty.  So it can take up to 4 weeks for your payment to end up in my hands after it arrives in the PO Box.  If you’ve sent a personal check, it will take another 2 weeks to clear.   That’s up to six weeks’ delay in shipment.

The delay in my picking up a payment can be avoided if you send me an email after you have mailed the payment, telling me that it’s in the mail.  I will then start checking the box every day, so that your payment will be processed promptly and your order shipped as soon as possible.  (Personal checks  still will take 2 weeks to clear,  that’s just my bank’s processing time.)

So – feel free to mail a payment, but please send me an email when you do so.  Everything will go much faster if you do.

September 2013 – Please note (and use) the new email address I’m doing my best to get away from Google.