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ORDERING NOTE:  You should get a confirmation email shortly after you finish placing an order.  I get a copy of the confirmation, along with another email advising me of the order itself, and a third advising of payment. I use these emails to fill the orders.

SO IF YOU DON’T get that confirmation within 24 hours, please send an email directly to kip@bkgrips.com, advising that you haven’t received the confirmation.  I have other information sources I can then use to fill an order, but don’t normally look at them unless I know there’s an order out there for which I haven’t got the information in the usual form.  (This has only happened once in the 6+ years since this business opened, but the customer’s order was delayed for quite a while because I didn’t know it was out there.)

NO SILVER ADAPTERS.  I’ve had requests for stainless/silver adapters since I started this business.  I tried many different primer/paint combinations which were tested by different users,  but none would stand up to more than 6 months of daily carry/regular shooting before the paint just started coming off.  Sorry, but I can’t make it work, so the only choices that will be available are black and ivory.

PLEASE NOTE THAT SALES ARE LIMITED TO USA ADDRESSES ONLY.  I’m afraid it’s not worth the hassle of dealing with the PayPal/USPS/Customs Forms interaction for the one or two orders a year that come from outside the US.